Photo was taken at Palliser University in Saltillo, Mexico. Jose Fonseca and Ana Elsner were interpreting for the audience as Richard Tyler, Best Selling Author and the world's top sales and management expert taught his "Seven Steps To Achieving Extraordinary Success In Sales".

Richard Tyler, Best Selling Author and the world’s top sales and management expert was featured in an article in the GALA blog. The “Lessons Learned” article was written and submitted by José Fonseca, Founder and CEOAhpla Institute.

Lessons Learned while Interpreting for the World’s Top Sales Trainer

By: José Fonseca, Founder and CEOAhpla Institute (as it appeared in GALA)


I had the privilege of working with Richard Tyler a few years back in Mexico City when he was delivering a sales presentation to a major department store chain. Richard is internationally known as the “world’s top expert on sales.” Never in my three plus decades of language services with reputable, multinational corporations have I encountered a presenter with his level of passion, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Richard walks his talk in every way: his appearance, attitude and expertise generate a strong impact the minute you meet him.

I kept in touch with Richard via LinkedIn for several years, and then last month he sent me a message mentioning an important customer in need of interpreting services in Mexico. I was immediately thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him again.

Thanks to Richard, I got in touch with the Director of Retail Business Development at Palliser Furniture, a premier furniture and upholstery manufacturer headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada with factories in Canada and Mexico and a distribution center in the USA. She was wonderful to work with and we reached an agreement to provide our interpreter services for a joint program of Palliser and Richard Tyler called Palliser University.

As an interpreter that has lived the fantastic experience of working with Richard Tyler twice now, I would like to share with you what, in my humble opinion, can be learned from working with the “world’s top expert on sales”:

1. Punctuality – The night before Richard confirms we are meeting at 7:00AM, one hour before when we only need 15 minutes to arrive in the venue. Vince Lombardi´s 15 minutes we surpassed by far. Professionals like Richard Tyler are ready long before their commitments.

2. Passion – We had to be totally in sync with Richard´s famous “Commitment to Excellence,” conveying Richard´s message using exactly the same tone, pitch and pace he marked every second of his training session. Trust me, there is never a dull moment with him.

3. Preparation – We studied the specific jargon of Palliser and as well as Richard´s unique and powerful concepts. It took several days of preparation prior to arriving at the venue to be totally ready for the great moment.

4. Connection – There is only one-way to interpret with the world´s top sales trainer: Develop a connection with his mindset, his core values and modus operandi.  It is essential to match him step-for-step.  To insure this connection not only did we meet and to go over his concepts before the session started, we met with Richard at every break to make sure everything was flowing properly and that his message was being delivered dynamically.

5. Receptivity – Richard will always have comments and feedback to allow him and his team to improve, he will request and recommend changes and improvements because he is completely focused on providing the best service in the world.

6. Cutting-edge technology – Clarity and impeccable sound, that is a basic prerequisite when interpreting for Richard. AHPLA´s transmitters and receivers made it possible for participants of his program to enjoy his wonderful sessions to the fullest.

7. Detail oriented – It is said that “God is in the details” and so is Richard Tyler, so you must be too. From an apparently simple detail like the surrounding part in a photo in which he appears or the way he dresses up for success to the importance of making sure his audience gets the fine details of his anecdotes, jokes and analogies, Richard ensures everything around him is carried with class.  To borrow words from Chicken Soup For The Soul, co-founder and legendary success coach, Jack Canfield: Richard Tyler is a class act.

I could not help but ask Richard during a break: “Where do you get the energy to give such wonderful, well structured, informative and inspirational sales training sessions?”

He shared with me two very powerful beliefs. The first: he reminded me of his world renown, trademarked closing statement, “Remember your success tomorrow is in direct proportion to your ‘Commitment to Excellence’ today.” and the other was “Everyone that pays the price of admission always deserves the full show”.

After having two incredible experiences working with Richard Tyler and reflecting back on my own success of over 30 years as a business owner and entrepreneur, I could not agree with him more!

About José Fonseca:

José is the Founder and CEO of AHPLA INSTITUTE (top-notch translators, interpreters & language teachers). He is a respected and seasoned leader in the corporate language communications industry with 30+ years of experience providing translation, interpretation services and on-site executive language training to reputable Fortune 500 corporations and LSPs.

About GALA:

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a global, non-profit trade association for the language industry. As a membership organization, we support our member companies and the language sector by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge, and advancing technology.

About Richard Tyler 

Richard Tyler - Best Selling Author, World's Top Sales Trainer and Management ConsultantRichard Tyler is a 2x Best Selling Author, a highly acclaimed Sales Trainer, Management Consultant, Keynote Speaker and Film Producer. Richard has earned a worldwide reputation for his powerful educational methods, motivational techniques and success training. Richard Tyler’s two immensely popular training programs, “Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion® Program” and “Commitment to Excellence”® Leadership Mastery™ Program”, are influencing businesspeople from all rungs of the corporate ladder. Richard has been seen on FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC television affiliates,,,,,, Wall Street Journal’s,,, as well as other major media outlets.

As Richard says, “Remember, your success tomorrow is in direct proportion to your ‘Commitment to Excellence®’ today.™”.

For further information on Richard Tyler and/or Richard Tyler International, Inc. ® and any Programs and Services or to book Richard Tyler as a Keynote Speaker please visit

About Palliser

palliserPalliser is a leading manufacturer of made-to-order leather and fabric upholstered furniture with manufacturing facilities in Canada and Mexico. Palliser produces a full range of upholstered products in leather and fabric including Stationary, Motion, Sectionals and Recliners and is the industry leader in the Home Theater Seating category. The designs range from transitional to the latest trends in contemporary styling, and many provide configurable piece options and innovative features. Palliser offers over 300 cover choices and the majority of products are available in all covers. The unique strength of Palliser is its ability to produce its full complement of products within North America and deliver quality custom furniture on time.

For further information, contact  Marketing Manager at Palliser Upholstery Corporate Offices in Winnipeg, MB: 204-988-5400

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