“The Power in You™” film series from award-winning filmmaker and best-selling author Richard Tyler, speaks to the incredible power each one of us possesses every day to impact a person, our community, and our world for the good.


It is unique in that it is a collection of short films that are released individually. The collection, when it is completed will be woven into the full tapestry of the “The Power in You™” documentary film.

Official Trailer: “The Power of Words: Making a Difference One Person at a Time”. This film short is the first in “The Power in You™” Series from Excellence Edge Films and Richard Tyler Films. In this 7-minute film, we learn the motivational and heartwarming story of how two friends from different backgrounds, Sheila Johnstone, a Molecular Biologist, and Richard Tyler, a Best-Selling Author and business expert, having a random conversation over a cup of coffee end up positively impacting the lives of thousands.

We learn about the beauty of American Sign Language (ASL) and the power “Paying It Forward” can have in a community. Watch and see if you can identify all the places where without the actions of “One Person” this story of community and love may not have ever happened. Watch as the film challenges you to be that “One Person” every day. — Executive Producer and Director, Richard Tyler

This powerful Short Film won an “Award of Excellence” in the Global Shorts Awards and in was an “Honorable Mention” winner in the One-Reeler Short Film Competition.

“The Power of Words: Making a Difference One Person at a Time” was Directed and Executive-Produced by Richard Tyler. Aja Vickers and Richard Tyler did the Cinematography.

The film is from Excellence Edge® Films, Ltd. in partnership with Richard Tyler® Films. For more information Contact Us at www.RichardTyler.com.

© 1989-2023 Richard Tyler. All rights reserved. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to Richard Tyler

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