Sales Immersion® – World’s No. #1 Sales Training Program

“Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion® Program

Sales Immersion® – The World’s Best Sales Training™

“Serious Sales Training for the serious Sales Professional.”™

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend his award-winning “Commitment to Excellence, Sales Immersion” Sales Training program. I considered myself an accomplished sales professional, and I entered into this six-day program thinking that I could pick up a few tips and ideas that might help me be even more successful. What actually happened is I completely revamped and retooled how I did my job and approached my profession based on the intensive course work, presentations and study that was required during the session.

I cannot emphasize enough the profound impact this course has had on both my career and my personal life. One of my proudest moments ever has been that I graduated from the Sales Immersion program as the Valedictorian with the highest score in the class that I attended. My success since that time has been exceptional, as I used all of the techniques and disciplines I learned while leading the sales and marketing organization in the company that I was working for at the time. We were able to achieve a remarkable 70% increase in overall revenues in the 5 years that followed my time at Sales Immersion.

Lorri Kelley

President, BDI

Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion®

“As a veteran of numerous sales seminars and courses, I can tell you Richard Tyler’s sales training course is by far the best!” – Program Participant

Richard Tyler International, Inc.® “Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion® Program

Richard Tyler’s “Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion® Sales Training Program is the “Top Sales Training Program in the World”. It is an award winning, intense, six-day sales training seminar for the professional who expects immediate results.

This is real training for those committed to their profession. It’s specifically designed for those who refuse to accept nothing but the best. Although you don’t have to be a seasoned sales pro to attend this program, you do have to come ready to work.

Since 1989 the Sales Immersion® Sales Training Program has been the world’s top sales training program. When it comes to transforming ordinary salespeople into extraordinary sales performers, no one delivers more consistently than Richard Tyler International. It’s why so many successful organizations throughout the world trust Richard Tyler International year after year as their exclusive sales-training organization.

Join the tens of thousands of sales professionals who have benefited from the Richard Tyler International sales training programs by attending the Sales Immersion® Sales Training Program today.


Natalie Stubbs

Sales Executive

United Kingdom

Craig Holmes

Vice President

Legal Industry

United States

Rick Davis


Energy Industry

United States

George Nagy


Government Services

United States

Tony Karnes


Oil & Gas Industry

United States

Marti Boone

Executive Director

Charitable Organization

United States

Richard Tyler International, Inc.® “Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion® Program

“The Richard Tyler International “Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion® Sales Training Program is the world’s best sales training. Nothing I have been to or seen even comes close.”- Program Participant

Richard Tyler International’s Sales Immersion® Program is simply “The World’s Best Sales Training™”. The Program program is not one of those surface-level one or two day sales seminars that are big on buzz words and small on meaningful sales skills development. This is real sales training – in-depth and comprehensive. The Sales Immersion® Program is specifically designed for the top sales professionals in the business, and those who want to become a top sales professional. Sales Immersion® Program participants aren’t just introduced to successful master selling techniques – they learn them.

 Program participants will learn master selling techniques designed to effectively:


close the big sales,
  • overcome the toughest sales objections,
  • work at multiple levels of an organization from the front lines all the way to the CEO,
  • define and deliver the right message,
  • significantly reduce the sales cycle,
  • effectively handle the competition, and so much more!

Remember, these are proven sales techniques that get real results. Participants learn hands-on, practical steps that can be implemented immediately. For example, Sales Immersion® Program participants learn how to systematically build a faster and more effective sales process. It’s amazing how many sales professionals miss incredible opportunities right from the very beginning because they don’t have an effective sales process in place. Richard Tyler’s Sales Immersion® Program covers everything from understanding body language clues and what to do about them, all the way through mastering dozens of sales agreement techniques.

Are you ready to catapult your sales teams effectiveness to an entirely new level of sales success? Are you ready to have your sales team participate in the world’s best sales training? If you answered yes to both those questions, then Richard Tyler International’s Sales Immersion® Program is the sales training program for you. 

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to equip members of your sales team with a powerful set of sales tools that will deliver revenue generation results immediately. Guaranteed!
“Richard Tyler is an awesome trainer. He kept me motivated and learning for six days. The “Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion® Sales Training Program is incredible. I’d rate Richard Tyler and Sales Immersion® a 10.” – Program Participant

Richard Tyler is the best sales trainer in the world and Sales Immersion® is the best sales training in the world.” – Program Participant

WHO SHOULD ATTEND the Richard Tyler International “Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion® Sales Training Program?

  • If you are a Dedicated Professional
  • If you are a Manager responsible for the SUCCESS of others
  • If you are a Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Administrative, or Finance Manager
  • If you are in Human Resources
  • If you are in charge of Training and Education
  • If you are a Vice President
  • If you are a President
  • If you are a CEO
  • If you are a Business Owner
  • If you are New to Sales
  • If you are a Seasoned Veteran with many years of Sales Experience
  • If you are NONE of the above but you just want to get more out of life and be more SUCCESSFUL

Still Undecided About Sales Immersion®?  Here is An Actual Class In Action.

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