Houston, TX, November 9, 2023 ASTONISH ENTERTAINMENT in association with ABUNDANCE STUDIOS and ARCHANGEL STUDIOS presents
a DNA FILMS production, HERO.

HERO was Co-Produced by award winning filmmaker and best-selling author Richard Tyler. Richard Tyler stated, “I am so excited to share the “Official Trailer” for our upcoming HERO film, which will be released in 2024.”

About HERO: The Documentary

Embark on an empowering journey with ‘HERO.’ Rooted in Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey,’ this documentary challenges the notion that heroes possess superhuman abilities, emphasizing that everyone can be the hero of their own story by unlocking their innate potential.

Starring: Dominick Cruz, Mandy Harvey, Remi Adeleke, and Laura Penhaul.

‘HERO’ offers practical insights, tips, and a blueprint for personal transformation. Explore how to script, narrate, and produce the heroic life you envision, drawing wisdom from experts in personal development, motivation, and Future Self science.

HERO was Directed by 22-Time Emmy Award winner Nick Nanton.

A Heroic Thank You

The making of “HERO” has been a profound expedition into the heart of storytelling. Thank you to all the Executive Producers and Co-Producers, whose wisdom and commitment turned this vision into a vivid canvas of reality.

Executive Producers: Giovanni Marsico, Nick Nanton, Remi Adeleke, Peter D’Arruda, Chuck McDowell, Didi Wong, Chris Wiser, Kevin Hodes, Wayne Pernell, Jennifer Perri, Patrick Ziemer, Fred Rouse, Craig Lack,  Michael Reza

Co-Producers: Richard Tyler, Gary Marriage, Julie Meates, Daniel Mangena, George McCranie, Charlie Epstein, Ryan Chute, Paul Peters, Bryan Gallinger


About Richard Tyler

Known as “The World’s Top Sales and Management Expert,” Tyler is the CEO of Richard Tyler International Inc., Richard Tyler Films, Excellence Edge Films, and a host of other companies. He has advised businesses, written books and made films on how people can achieve their goals and transform personal and professional dreams into reality for more than three decades. A Best-Selling Author, who has written dozens of books, an Award-Winning Filmmaker and entrepreneur, as well as a highly acclaimed Keynote Speaker and Sales Trainer, Tyler has been inducted into the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors and the National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers. His philosophies have been featured in dozens of publications, and he has appeared as a Subject Matter Expert on many major TV and Print media outlets.

Remember, “Your success tomorrow is in direct proportion to your ‘Commitment to Excellence®’ today.™” – Richard Tyler


Connect with Richard via RichardTyler.comExcellence Edge Films and Richard Tyler Films.

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