Leadership Mastery™

Leadership Mastery™ Program

“Serious training for the serious leader.”™


“Enlightening, motivational, captivating, and extremely energetic, outstanding! Highly valuable, it will have a huge impact on my personal/professional life.”- Program Participant


Leadership Mastery™ Immersion Program™ 

Growing revenue and profits and developing future leaders are the two greatest challenges that all organizations face today.  Companies that invest in the development of a “Revenue Generation and Profit Generation” mindset for all their people as well as the development of leadership and management talent, gain a competitive edge demonstrated in sustained growth and profitability.

The Richard Tyler International, Leadership Mastery™ Program is an intense, five-day training seminar for the professional who wants immediate results.  

If you are in a management role or plan to be, attending the Leadership Mastery™ Program will have a positive, profound impact on your career. Attending will also have a positive impact on all the people will ever lead and/or manage. Executive management, directors, managers, senior professionals, supervisors and those transitioning into supervision, management or executive roles, as well as those being considered for these roles within the next 24 months will all benefit from this innovative, powerful program. 

Leadership excellence in a complex world is undoubtedly challenging.  Today’s excellent leader and/or manager must master a set of  moral and ethical, philosophies, principles and values that can serve as the bedrock to all their actions.  The consistent application and teaching of these philosophies, principles and values is the only way to guarantee lasting success. The Leadership Mastery™ Program delivers just such a set of moral and ethical, philosophies, principles and values.  Below are just a few of the  key

Leadership Success Fundamentals

  • Learn to understand the “Strategic Objectives”.
  • Learn how to involve your different constituents in planning and implementation.
  • Learn powerful principles for leading people and process.

Transitioning into a Powerful Leader

  • Identify principles and learn critical skills used by successful leaders today.
  • Learn the difference between excellent management and leadership and the role each plays in creating and sustaining success.
  • Learn the “Tyler 16 Characteristics of Professional Leaders and Excellent Managers™”.  Determine how to assess these characteristics within your team and organization.
  • Identify your leadership qualities, uncover your mind-sets and create a detailed development plan for your future to achieve significant leadership results.
  • Learn how to unleash the power and potential of people by gaining insight into “The 10 Principles of Supervision™” and the “7 Basic Needs™” of all employees.

Strategic Communication for Today’s Leader

  • Practice the art of communicating to get others to act-as you want them to.
  • Learn how to develop powerful presentations that educate, motivate and inspire people to perform at their highest level.
  • Develop strategies for building rapport and interpersonal networks of influence–up, down and across the organization.
  • Learn the difference between marginal communication skills, effective communications and mastery of strategic communications.
  • Correctly identify the root causes of performance issues and apply the best coaching strategy.

Achieve Results through Advanced Influencing Skills

  • Discover “proven” communication skills to gain buy-in for your ideas and needs.
  • Master the principles necessary for gaining agreement under difficult conditions.
  • Learn the powerful keys necessary to create successful negotiations.
  • Learn to accurately read situations, individuals, and groups and apply the appropriate influencing skill.
  • Practice successful “selling your ideas” techniques to ensure you will be heard and seen as a powerful leader.
  • Learn how to turn ordinary meetings into sessions that influence, inform, and motivate people to excel.

Critical Thinking and Decision Making for the Strategic Leader

  • Through real-life case studies learn to analyze facts, opinions, problems, uncover root causes and lay out strategies for long-term effectiveness.
  • Learn to make strategic adjustments such as organizational moves, role and responsibility changes, and process changes.
  • Gain insight into your thinking and decision making style.  Learn to identify and challenge the assumptions and biases that influence your and others’ thinking.
  • Experience powerful techniques to expand the way situations are perceived; solve the right problem, and gain support for innovative solutions.

Transformational Coaching Skills and Change Management

  • Understand the most common management philosophies and how they impact employee performance.
  • Discover the three most common leadership styles and how to apply these styles to increase results.
  • Practice specific coaching skills and techniques to improve performance.
  • Determine how to effectively coach individuals through change by uncovering their values.
  • Become a successful leader by learning the four basic employee types and how to motivate them.

Strength-based Leadership: Tapping Human Potential to Maximize Commitment and Performance

  • Discover the “24 Leadership Absolutes™” while acting with respect, thoughtfulness and fairness.
  • Explore human performance motivation and determine strategies that work for you.
  • Learn the “48 Big Ones™”, the most common management and leadership mistakes.  Discover how to turn these wrongs into rights.
  • Take a leadership self-evaluation and determine areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
  • Become an exemplary leader by creating your own professional leadership development plan.
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