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New heartwarming documentary features real-life heroes who have overcome obstacles to emerge as transformed individuals, told through a series of dynamic and authentic stories that inspire hope.


Houston, TX – July 1, 2023 – CEO of Richard Tyler International and Best-Selling Author, Richard Tyler (Dickie V on Disney+, It’s Happening Right Here) has signed on as a Producer on the new documentary film Hero, from Emmy® Award-winning film production studio DNA Films and Abundance Studios™. Directed by 22-time Emmy® Award winner Nick Nanton (Dickie V on Disney+, The Rebound (Netflix), Operation Toussaint, Rudy Ruettiger: The Walk On on Amazon) and produced by Author, Writer, Director, Actor and former Navy Seal, Remi Adeleke (Plane, Special Forces Fox) aims to motivate audiences with stories of perseverance, hope, and courage in the face of adversity. The film is currently in post-production.

Hero explores one of the most fascinating aspects of a hero’s journey: its universality. This narrative archetype of the ‘hero’s journey’ was first coined by mythology expert Joseph Campbell and found in stories ranging from The Odyssey to Harry Potter. That narrative starts with a hero going on an adventure, learning a lesson, achieving a victory, and returning home as a transformed person. This reiterates that there is something deeply resonant about the story of a hero’s transformation that speaks to people across space and time.

The documentary features the journeys of Plane actor and Special Forces Fox host Remi Adeleke, who will also serve as a Producer, deaf singer/songwriter, and America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer winner Mandy Harvey, UFC Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and Laura Penhaul, who led the first all-female crew to row the Pacific Ocean. “Since getting out of the military, storytelling, whether through books, tv, or film, has become my greatest passion. And as a storyteller, I’ve utilized the hero’s journey many times, so it’s been ‘cool’ to be able to examine that process through the lens of actual people,” said Adeleke.

While many view heroes as extraordinary individuals with superhuman abilities, Campbell believed we are all the heroes of our own stories. The key is simply tapping into your innate potential. Through interviews with these featured heroes, the film will provide a blueprint for crafting your hero’s journey of personal transformation and ultimately creating the life you imagine.

To become the hero of your own story, you must script it, narrate it, and produce it. Experts in personal development, motivation, Future Self science, and more will explore what that means on a practical level.

“What I love about this topic is that none of the four featured people in the film would call themselves heroes, which is the whole point,” said Nanton. “I am making this film for everyone from kids to adults at any stage of their lives from all corners of the globe to help them see how they can become the heroes of their own journeys and live fulfilled lives of success and significance.”

The documentary reunites Nanton, and Award-winning Producer, Richard Tyler. Nanton and Tyler worked together on The Soul of Success and Maximum Achievement, which told the inspiring life stories of Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy, respectively, It’s Happening Right Here, which revealed the horrors of child trafficking and what can be done about it, and Dickie V, about the life, struggles, and success of legendary ESPN college basketball announcer Dick Vitale.

Nanton is a 22-time Emmy Award-winning Director, and Producer, Author, and branding agency executive who has won multiple awards for his work since 2005 and has been nominated for 36. Having directed over 60 documentary films from the slums of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, with special forces raiding a sex trafficking ring and freeing young girls to the Virgin Galactic SpacePort in Mojave with Sir Richard Branson, Nanton, has become known for telling stories that connect. The Emmy wins are just the latest in a long line of accolades for Nanton, who has produced film and television projects, including the recently released Disney+ documentary Dickie V about Dick Vitale, created a series In Case You Didn’t Know with Nick Nanton for Prime Video, co-founded DNA Films, and wrote several successful books, including Story Selling. “Nick Nanton is America’s Biographer. He is the voice of a new generation,” said Larry King.

Tyler is a multi-time Best-Selling Author and Sales and Management expert who has spent over three decades creating “Master Communicators”; with his training and consulting business. Teaching success philosophies and time-tested techniques in Sales, Leadership, Management, Customer Service, and Quality Improvement, his company has received countless accolades in its industry, including Top Sales Training and Management Consulting Firm in the United States, the Best for Corporate Growth Strategy, USA, the Award for Excellence in Sales Training – USA, Management Consultancy of the Year and the Best of Business Award Management Consultancy, to name a few. Additionally, Tyler is an award-winning film Producer, Director, and Writer.


About Richard Tyler

Known as “The World’s Top Sales and Management Expert,” Tyler is the CEO of Richard Tyler International Inc., Excellence Edge FilmsRichard Tyler Films and a host of other companies. He has advised businesses, written books and made films on how people can achieve their goals and transform personal and professional dreams into reality for more than three decades. A Best-Selling Author, who has written dozens of books, an Award-Winning Filmmaker and entrepreneur, as well as a highly acclaimed Keynote Speaker and Sales Trainer, Tyler has been inducted into the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors and the National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers. His philosophies have been featured in dozens of publications, and he has appeared as a Subject Matter Expert on many major TV and Print media outlets.

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About Abundance Studios™

Abundance Studios™ is a film studio dedicated to fostering a world of abundant thinking and abundant action. The producer collective is comprised of entrepreneurs, professionals, and philanthropists dedicated to earning, learning, and serving through media. The goal of the studio is to find, film, and share heartening and inspirational stories that will help to uplift the world. Film and storytelling have the power to create immensely positive change in the world, and Abundance Studios™ wants to facilitate that change for the betterment of mankind.

About the Production Team:

Emmy® Award Winning Director and Producer Nick Nanton is producing the film alongside Emmy® Award Winning Producers Nick Ruff and Katie Tschopp along with Producers, Peter D’Arruda, Chuck McDowell, Craig Lack, Didi Wong, Chris Wiser, Julie Meates, Fred Rouse, Jennifer Perri, Kevin Hodes, Richard Tyler, Daniel Mangena, Dr. Wayne Pernell, Perminder Chohan, Michael Reza, Gary Marriage, Giovanni Marsico, George McCranie, and Charlie Epstein.

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