Uncharted: A Journey From The End To A New Beginning By Thom Slade and M.T. Lisle

With the divorce rate in the United States hovering between 40-50 percent we all either have been affected personally or know someone that is divorced. The emotional impact can be staggering on the couple. Of course, children often feel the effects for a lifetime. Thom Slade and M.T. Lisle have a new book out, Uncharted: A Journey From The End To A New Beginning. The book deals with divorce and the path forward in a way that is actionable and even inspiring. I met Thom over 20 years ago when he was a participant in my Sales Immersion class, he was married happily at the time. We stayed in touch over the years, did more business together and became friends. Through a difficult divorce and the aftermath, he has managed to raise three exceptional children and come out on the other side not only surviving but thriving. I do not know M.T.  Lisle personally, however her story is not uncommon. Both M.T. and Thom have come together to share valuable insights in their book. If divorce has affected, you or someone you know I encourage you to read this book. You will be happy you did.

I have included a link to the Press Release about Uncharted: A Journey From The End To A New Beginning.

Here is the opening excerpt from that Release:

IveMovedOn.com founder Thom Slade and contributing author MT Lisle put their heads together to construct their common experiences and the lessons learned in the years following divorce. This collaboration resulted in a new book, Uncharted – A Journey from The End to a New Beginning now available on Amazon and as a Kindle download. The book catalogs the triumphs, pitfalls, successes, and mistakes in a candid trip through universal circumstances we must confront when divorce is on the horizon. In this authentic exploration of their individual treks back to wholeness, Slade and Lisle, both single-parents, each describe their processes of mending their hearts, restoring trust, and reconstructing their lives.


I have also included a link to my Amazon Influencer Page where it can be found. If you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber you can read it for free.  https://www.amazon.com/shop/richardtyler?listId=RT861DUEFPP1



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