“Smart Business Strategies” – The Guide to Small Business Marketing Excellence (Audiobook)


by Richard Tyler

While Others Flounder in Mediocrity, You Can Flourish In EXCELLENCE.

Mediocrity or EXCELLENCE. The choice is yours. If you opt for the latter, take this book home and read it cover to cover immediately. Heed the information it contains for it gives you invaluable insight into successfully marketing your product or service. And marketing is the key to making that quantum leap from a small, struggling business to the vibrant, profitable company you know your business can be.



Learn the secrets of America’s Corporate and Entrepreneurial Business Expert.

In this book, Richard Tyler shares the marketing secrets that helped turn his small business into a diversified, international organization with a worldwide reputation for EXCELLENCE. What he did for his own company, he can help do for yours! All for the investment in this Book/Audiobook.

What People Are Saying

“No one that I know is more synonymous with motivation than Richard Tyler. His new book, Smart Business Strategies™, shows me how to keep my company motivated, directed and determined – but most importantly, the book gives me the steps of how to “make things happen”. I recommend this book for every small business wanting to be more profitable and successful!”

Sandy Furano

President & CEO, Furniture Merchandising Group

“From the novice just entering the sales and marketing profession to the seasoned veteran, Richard’s book will enlighten, teach and polish all the necessary skills to succeed in business. The principles are so clear, and the excercises so precise, it makes Smart Business Strategies™ a MUST READ for anyone whose profession is the art of sales and marketing.”

Adam Weinman

President, Orthomatic Adjustable Beds

“I have personally invested over $20,000 dollars in many different training and management programs. Now, I’ve finally found an aid that is precise, to the point, and leaves no room for misinterpretation. Smart Business Strategies™ is exactly what I needed. Thanks Richard.”

Dave Mink

President, TRAX, Inc

“Richard Tyler’s Smart Business Strategies™ teaches the marketing fundamentals that every entrepreneur must understand to compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace.”

Richard L.Bloom

CEO, Roark-Davis International Corporation

“I have used Richard Tyler’s sales and management principles for over ten  years and they have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional sales! I highly recommend him.”

Sherry Lewis

President, Training Network

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