Real World Teambuilding Strategies That Work



featuring Richard Tyler (and eleven other dynamic experts)

A power-packed collection of insights & strategies from professionals who make a difference in America, and around the world, every day!

No theoretical principles here. You get Real-World Strategies from experts who work in the trenches day-in and day-out!

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Richard Tyler, prominent author and professional speaker, is featured in a powerful new book entitled “Real World Teambuilding Strategies That Work”.  The book is a part of the new Power Learning series featuring “how to” books on business topics for business professionals.  The series features titles on Leadership, Communication, Customer Service, Sales, Management and more.

Imagine sitting down in a round-table forum with Richard and other dynamic experts, being able to learn from them the team building principles that drive business!

”Real World Teambuilding Strategies That Work”allows readers to do just that.

Men and women from a variety of professions and life circumstances offer time-tested, real-world strategies for improving your organization and helping it get to the top!

These are not people who deal in conjecture, philosophies or hypothesis. These dynamic leaders provide proven techniques that will revolutionize your life!

Don’t miss a chapter of this Power Learning book and look for the other titles in this incredible Power Learning series.

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