World’s Top Sales Trainer, Management Consultant and Marketing Expert, Richard Tyler Is Driving Forward Human Achievement Internationally and At Home in Houston, Texas


HOUSTON, TX October 24, 2016Entrepreneur Richard Tyler, CEO of Richard Tyler International, Inc.® and Richard Tyler International Technologies® and  two-time Best Selling Author, is driving forward human achievement and has built a strong reputation for his ability to lead hundreds of firms worldwide on their own remarkable journeys to success.

Charging ahead on the forefront of the global economy, Tyler was recently featured In the August 2016 edition of Wealth & Finance International Magazine for “Driving Forward Human Achievement” in a way that’s accelerating the pace and simplifying the approach of which organizations can achieve success in the areas of sales, leadership, management and customer support.

“While product knowledge is easy to obtain, it is essential that people in the industry today clearly understand sales processes and methodologies that will work for them,” says Tyler. “Sales is a master communications process. Once you can master the related processes and methodologies, you can begin to apply that to every other area of your business and life.”

Tyler has developed a full portfolio of programs and courses that seek to educate and empower individuals and companies to set – and achieve – higher skills, sales and revenue goals. At Richard Tyler International, Inc.® Tyler spends time developing leadership programs that seek to teach the skills most congruent with sales and revenue generation, thus eliminating any out-dated rules and regimens that prevent so many companies from growing in size and profitability.

“Every single one of our course programs is congruent with the others,” says Tyler, revealing that many other sales training programs have a specific set of skills that they teach, but the leadership skills do not always blend with the management or customer service elements that are so important to a company’s over-arching success.

Perhaps Tyler’s most incredible move to date is his Commitment to Excellence’® Sales Immersion® Sales Training Program, an award-winning six-day sales training seminar designed for the professional who expects immediate results. It includes individual and team project activities for all levels, which are tested and graded along the way.

“What’s so phenomenal about the Sales Immersion class is that, when we think about sales methodology there are really only two ways in which people learn: by spaced-interval repetition or through immersion. While the former is a wonderful way to learn, in sales, immersion helps you get all the way to the end of the sales process while putting every skill to use along the way: leadership, management and customer support,” Tyler explains, noting that most sales training programs only concentrate and practice one skill set, failing to leverage the bigger picture of individual and corporate success.

So, what will Tyler’s next move be? When asked, Tyler quoted friend and retired CEO, Jack Barry, “If a company does not grow, it dies.” To that tune, Tyler is currently launching a digital agency to help clients build automated sales engines, develop content marketing, paid advertising, SEO, email marketing and social media management.

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Richard Tyler - Best Selling Author, World's Top Sales Trainer and Management ConsultantRichard Tyler is “America’s Corporate and Entrepreneurial Business Expert”™ and is the world’s top expert on sales and management. Richard Tyler is a two-time Best Selling Author, an Expy® Award Winner, a two-time Quilly® Award Winner, a two-time Editor’s Choice Award Winner and a C-Suite Book Club featured best selling author as well as an Executive Producer. Richard Tyler has been inducted into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors® and the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers™. Tyler was selected as one of America’s PremierExperts™ and his philosophies have been featured in Forbes magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, The Business Journals, Sales and Marketing Management magazine, Wealth & Finance International magazine, Acquisition International magazine, Corporate America magazine, Houston Chronicle, as well as in hundreds of articles and interviews. Richard has been seen on FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC television affiliates,,,,,, Wall Street Journal’s,,, and other major media outlets. Richard Tyler’s two immensely popular training programs, Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion® Program and Commitment to Excellence”® Leadership Mastery™ Program are influencing business people from all rungs of the corporate ladder. Richard Tyler’s two new books, “Success Today” with Brian Tracy and “Boom!” with Mark Victor Hansen and leading experts are international best sellers. Tyler was recently recognized as the “World’s Top Sales Trainer” and his Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion® Program was recognized as the “World’s Top Sales Training Program” receiving the “Award for Excellence in Sales Training” from Wealth & Finance International Magazine.


Richard Tyler International, Inc.® has been recognized as the top sales training, management consulting and marketing firm in the world. Among it’s numerous honors are: International Sales Training and Management Consulting Firm of the Year, Top Sales Training and Management Consulting Firm in the United States, Best National Training & Management Consulting Firm, Best For Corporate Growth Strategy – USA, Top Sales Training Program, Management Consultancy of the Year, Game Changer of the Year, Best of Business Award – Management Consultancy, Best Sales Management Consulting Firm – Texas


As Richard Tyler says, “Remember, your success tomorrow is in direct proportion to your ‘Commitment to Excellence®’ today.™”


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