The Heart and Soul of an Entrepreneur

I love helping entrepreneurs. I love all the excitement, enthusiasm and work ethic that just flows out of them. They have a dream; a big dream and they are committed to making it a reality. Those of you that know me know how big I am on commitment. I got to visit with Tonja Thomas last week. She is an entrepreneur down to her bones. She is working on two major ventures and both of them have the makings of something big. I was talking brand strategies with Tonya. It was refreshing to see her openness and eagerness to learn and move forward quickly. One of her projects is a new television series called “The Brotherhood” and the other is a lifestyle, social media and merchandise brand called YahBrah!®


The Brotherhood

“The Brotherhood” TV series follows the premier power-agent of Fighters in the MMA world, Jorge Guimaraes, and 3 young fighters. The show tracks the journey that each of these fighters has experienced from childhood challenges, to emotional battles, and the personal trauma that made them the men that they are today, even prior to stepping foot in the cage to fight. The film work I saw was excellent, real and powerful as well as uplifting. The series is in its final stages of production now and distribution is being finalized so you should be able to watch it in the not too distant future.



YahBrah!® is about a lifestyle, a culture, a way of thinking, of overcoming limitations and succeeding. That moment of achievement Tonja calls a “YahBrah moment”.  These are experiences anyone can have. As Tonja says, “it could be a fighter winning a championship belt or a single mom opening up her first business”. These stories, as they are documented and told are meant to inspire and motivate each of us to our own YahBrah moments.

I think we sometimes don’t realize, or we forget what unbelievably powerful and positive achievements we humans are capable of. Our world and many of us tend to focus on the negative. I for one, am delighted to see someone, an entrepreneur, focusing on the possibilities.

Big dreamers that take positive action make the world a better place. That is heart and soul of an entrepreneur.

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Richard Tyler was recently recognized as the “World’s Top Sales Trainer” and Richard Tyler International’s, “Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion Program®” was recognized as the “World’s Top Sales Training Program” when they received the “Award for Excellence in Sales Training” from Wealth & Finance International magazine.

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