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Back on October 11, 2013, I wrote a post titled “Be An Angel – American Sign Language Class with Sheila Johnstone”. You can click on the story if you would like to read the original post for background details. At the time I had no idea whether or not the program would be anything more than the initial 10 week course. What I did know, was that a longtime friend, Sheila Johnstone, and I thought there was a need to teach an introductory course in ASL to anyone that wanted to learn. I also knew that Sheila was going to volunteer her time and talent to teach and that I had committed my company, Richard Tyler International, Inc.® to underwrite the costs of offering the program for free. Being a Past Chairman and a current Advisory Board member of Be An Angel I knew they would be a perfect partner because Be An Angel’s Mission is to improve the quality of life for children with multiple disabilities or profound deafness. One way to do that would be to help people that wanted to learn to communicate with the deaf community to do so. Marti Boone, the Executive Director of Be An Angel agreed. With the help of David Muzyka, the Principal for T.H.Rogers School (we needed a place to hold the classes) we sailed off into the unknown. We had no idea if anyone would show up for one class let alone ten. As it turns out, the community response was far beyond what we imagined. Not only did people enroll, they showed up every week. They showed up primarily because of two reasons. The first is; they were really committed to learn to communicate with someone that was deaf in that person’s language. The second reason; once they made that commitment, was that Sheila Johnstone is an amazing teacher. You know the type I am speaking of, because if you were lucky, you had one like her. A person that you can tell will be tough, but you know you will be better off because of it. Someone that pushes you but still makes learning fun. Someone that genuinely wants you to succeed with no strings attached. That’s Sheila.

Well, that was then and this is now. I’m sure some of you are wondering if the class was, as they say in the music industry, a one hit wonder. I am happy to say it wasn’t. When the first group of students finished the beginner class they wanted to continue. Sheila told the students she would be happy to teach them an intermediate course, so Be An Angel added a new 10 week intermediate program. The second round of the introductory course is underway and most of those students have requested to enroll in the intermediate course when they graduate. Literally each day more people add their names to the waiting list for upcoming courses. What started as an idea in a Starbucks over a cup of coffee is turning into a beautiful book with chapters waiting to unfold as each graduate touches someone else’s life with what they have learned.

I feel very blessed for having such a long association with Be An Angel and to know people like Sheila Johnstone, Marti Boone and David Muzyka. I’m touched that so many individuals show up week after week of their own choice to have an opportunity to learn how to be a bridge for better communication. Lastly, I’m thankful that Richard Tyler International, Inc.® is able to do it’s small part by underwriting the Be An Angel– American Sign Language Course with Sheila Johnstone.

The article below is from The Houston Chronicle . The Course is receiving such an excellent response The Houston Chronicle has written a follow-up article to their first – “Sign language instructor eager to share her passion”. This time it even made the front page of the section! We are all very grateful to them for their coverage and to Flori Meeks for writing the piece.


Interest high in communicating with the deaf

Interest high in communicating with the deaf

By Flori Meeks | March 11, 2014HOUSTON CHRONICLE |







Photos By  Tony Bullard 2014/Freelance Photographer

When the nonprofit Houston organization, Be An Angel, offered a free course in American Sign Language last fall, teacher Sheila Johnstone expected 15 to 20 people to register.

More than 200 responded, and the class at T.H. Rogers Elementary School drew people from as far as The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Pearland and Huffman.

That kind of interest, Johnstone says, is a good sign.

And that’s why Be An Angel, which serves children with multiple disabilities and/or profound deafness, has continued the free training.

“People want to communicate with the deaf,” Johnstone said. “They may have children, grandchildren, sisters or brothers who are deaf, and they’ve never been able to communicate with their relatives. Maybe they work in health care or they’re teachers.”

Those who’ve completed beginners’ American Sign Language training can take a 10-week intermediate class 6-7 p.m. Wednesdays – the same night Be An Angel’s last beginners’ course was held – beginning April 9.

A new beginners’ class will start meeting 6-7 p.m. Mondays, beginning April 7. When this beginners’ course is completed, another intermediate course will start meeting on Mondays and a new beginners course will start on Wednesdays.

All classes meet at T.H. Rogers Elementary School, 5840 San Felipe.

A key to these classes, Johnstone said, is practice in the class setting.

“I insist after they learn their numbers and alphabet that they get in front of the class,” Johnstone said. “You have to get used to it.

“In this class, it’s not only a matter of gaining knowledge, it’s getting up there and building confidence. And you have someone there who can correct you. That’s very different than learning from a book. It’s almost like getting up to do a performance, and then you say, ‘Wow, I can do it.’ ”

Johnstone, a Tanglewood resident who was raised in St. Louis, has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in molecular biology in addition to her degree in ASL.

She worked in a laboratory at the Washington University Medical School and at University of Miami Medical School before creating her own business as a medical/legal research consultant. Her company advised law firms nationwide and offered a records-organizing service named “Order in the Court.”

After moving to Houston, Johnstone lectured at the University of Houston Law School and served on the Health/Law Policy Institute Board.

Johnstone also is a dancer and a pianist. It was the dancer in her, she says, that fell in love with the beauty of ASL the first time she observed it. She went on to train in the language and earn the highest proficiency possible.

“When I retired, one of the things I wanted to do was give back and be helpful to the deaf community,” Johnstone said.

Johnstone connected with Be an Angel through Uptown resident Richard Tyler, who she’s known for seven years. Tyler is a former Chairman of the Board for Be An Angel and a current Advisory Board member.

Last year, Johnstone asked Tyler to introduce her to the principal of T.H. Rogers, which serves more than 75 profoundly deaf students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade through Houston Independent School District’s Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Johnstone, who was retired, was hoping to read to students and possibly teach some sign language classes.

Tyler organized a meeting with her, the principal and Marti Boone, executive director of Be An Angel, and they developed the idea to offer free community classes at the school. Tyler has been underwriting the cost of the classes.

Johnstone has found teaching the Be An Angel courses to be even more rewarding than she expected.

“I feel good in my heart and soul when people come along from nothing,” she said.

Johnstone said she wouldn’t be able to provide this training without the teaching mentorship and encouragement she has received from Kareena Heath, Kathy Walters and Darla Connor.

Midtown resident Telesia Spivey is one of the students in Johnstone’s current intermediate class. She wants to apply her growing American Sign Language skills to her volunteer work with the deaf.

“I so enjoy the class,” Spivey said. “Everyone has a technique. Sign language doesn’t always work the same for everyone. We’re all learning together, and I like that.”

To register or obtain more information about the American Sign Language class, visit www.beanangel.org, or contact Marti Boone at Marti@BeAnAngel.org or 281-219-3313.

This story originally appeared on Houston Chronicle

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